What is POLLINEX®-R?

POLLINEX®-R is modified ragweed tyrosine adsorbate. It is an immunotherapy used to reduce the severity of allergic symptoms caused by exposure to ragweed. It is made of an extract of ragweed pollen that has been chemically altered, so that the allergen is released slowly.

It is believed that by introducing the modified pollen into the bloodstream, the body will produce antibodies against the pollen. This then increases the body’s defenses against future attacks and will help minimize/reduce allergy symptoms and reduce the dependence on other medications such as antihistamines and other over-the-counter medications taken during ragweed season.

  • Not everyone who uses Pollinex-R will be fully protected.
  • Pollinex-R should not be used to treat the symptoms of ragweed-induced allergic rhinitis.
  • Rollinex-R should not be administered to a patient who has experienced a previous severe anaphylactic reaction to ragweed vaccine immunotherapy.
  • Immunotherapy with Pollinex-R is contraindicated in those individuals who do not exhibit skin test reactions and clinical sensitivity to ragweed.
  • And injections, including immunotherapy with Pollinex-R, should be avoided in patients with diseases characterized by a bleeding diathesis.