Is POLLINEX®-R Appropriate For Me?

Take this quick test and see if POLLINEX®-R is appropriate for you.

As with any medical treatment, the final decision will be made between you and your doctor.

1. I have ragweed allergies.

2. I am looking to help reduce my dependence on other medications that relieve my allergic symptoms (anti-histamines, nasal and oral steroids).

3. I am over the age of 8.

4. I would like to help reduce the severity of my allergic symptoms during ragweed season.

You appear to be a candidate for immunotherapy with POLLINEX®-R!

Talk to your doctor about POLLINEX®-R this season.

It is unlikely you are a candidate for immunotherapy with POLLINEX®-R.

Talk to your doctor about alternative solutions.

Adapted by Dr. Joseph Greenbaum MD FRCPC
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine
McMaster University Medical School
Firestone Institute, Hamilton, Ontario